Nowhere can you rest except in boundless truth and goodness, nor find an
end except in the infinite.
— Marsillio Ficino


Who teaches the classes?
Classes are taught by meditating students of the School of Philosophy and Meditation. Tutors have attended the series of classes from the introductory level. The tutoring of classes is entirely voluntary and tutors are not reimbursed financially.

Who can attend the classes?
Anyone can attend the classes. We do not require any qualifications or prior experience, just an open and inquiring mind.

Is the the School of Philosophy and Meditation religious?
We are not affiliated with any religion. The tradition of Advaita Vedanta, which we follow, comes from the East, but this does not make it eastern, as its message is universal. Advaita has never taken the form of religion - it is a philosophical system- and thus has never engaged in converting anyone from any religion.

Many students continue with their religious practice alongside attending classes and often find that the teachings and practices serve to enhance their understanding of their particular religious tradition.

What is Advaita?
Simply put, this is a philosophy of unity. ‘Advaita’ means ‘not two.’ It’s essence is that there is no difference between the individual consciousness of any being and the universal creative consciousness that orders the universe.

What is the financial structure?
The Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charity.

How are course fees used?
Fees are used to cover costs such as rent for the Unity building, refreshments and advertising. Fees are not used for the financial benefit of any of its tutors or members.

What is the governing structure of the School of Philosophy and Meditation?
The School of Philosophy and Meditation governing body consists of a president, who also leads the organization, a board of trustees and a treasurer. A yearly trustee meeting is held to review financial matters and discuss other aspects of running the organization.

Where are the retreats held?
Week-long summer retreats are hosted by the School of Practical Philosophy, New York at their retreat house in upstate New York.

Other schools also host retreat events such as Sanskrit, Indian Dance, Economics, Music, Art and Teachers weeks, particularly during the summer months.