The School of Philosophy and Meditation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and is not associated with any political or religious organization.

Purposes of the School of Philosophy and Meditation

  • To examine the wisdom traditions of humanity with a view to determining their practical application to uplifting and improving daily life and contributing to the world.
  • To study the Judeo-Christian, Platonic-Greek, and Advaita Vedanta traditions in particular in support of the above.
  • To foster an environment of peace, dignity, and inquiry in support of the above.
  • To support the above through regular group meetings, discussions, simple practices, and contemplative reflection.
  • To offer mantra-based meditation through traditional ceremonies to support the above.

Principles and Practices

  • All tutors are also students in the School of Philosophy and Meditation.
  • Tutors receive no remuneration for their services.
  • Course fees are used for necessary expenditure such as the class building rental, equipment, administration, advertising etc.
  • No one may receive any financial or personal advantage from their attendance at, or position within the School.
  • In order to protect student relationships, students are asked not to enter into financial or business arrangements between themselves without appropriate prior consultation.
  • Students are asked not to indulge in criticism of others, but practice tolerance and respect and raise issues or concerns in a reasonable way.

All are welcome to sample what the School has to offer through the introductory courses, and to continue further with the study and practice if so inclined.

The hope and intent is that students will gain inspiration and guidance to help bring them to a fuller, richer and more productive life, to evolve the spiritual aspect of their being, and to serve society to the best of their ability.