Where there is peace and meditation, there is neither anxiety nor doubt.
— St. Francis of Assisi

The practice of meditation offered by the School of Philosophy has been found to bring peace, energy and clarity to one's being. It is a simple mantra-based practice offered to students through a traditional ceremony.

Once a student has received meditation we offer regular check-up tutorials for guidance and support. This support is always available even if the student does not attend the regular Philosophy classes.

Questions About Meditation

How do I meditate?
Meditation is practiced for a short period twice a day by repeating a mantra silently in the mind.

What is a mantra?
A mantra is a word that has no meaning in the usual sense, like "tree".  The mantra used in the School of Philosophy corresponds to no object or concept, nor is it a name or a deity.  It is simply a sound used to guide the mind to peace.

When can I learn to meditate?
Meditation is normally offered after a student has attended a year or so of classes.  This is not to deprive the student, but rather to provide a foundation and an appreciation for what meditation is and what it can offer and to ensure that meditation is something that one actually wants.  That said, no one who truly wants to receive the meditation will be denied, even if they have yet to complete the customary year's preparation.

Is there a fee for the meditation?
A one-time donation is requested at the time of the meditation initiation ceremony. Donations are used solely to support the meditation initiations and the School of Philosophy and Meditation.

Is meditation religious?
No - the meditation practice is not dedicated to any particular deity and can be practiced by religious and non-religious alike. Many people find that meditation deepens their experience and understanding of other spiritual practices.

More questions? Contact us at info@alabamaphilosophy.com and we will be happy to help.